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College Students: 

METRO provides convenient and affordable transportation to colleges located throughout our service area.

Southern Maine Community Colleges (SMCC)
Connect from METRO to South Portland Bus Service, which serves SMCC directly, along Congress Street.
SMCC students ride METRO and South Portland Bus Service FREE with ID (and valid semester sticker).

University of Southern Maine (USM)
- Route 2 - Forest Avenue (nearest stops Forest Avenue, one block from campus)
- Route 4 - Brighton Avenue/Westbrook (stops on Bedford Street, on campus)
- Route 8 - Portland Peninsula (nearest stop at Hannaford/Back Cove)
Reduced TenRide Tickets available for students at USM Campus Store and Parking Garage.

University of New England (UNE)

- Route 9 A & B - Crosstown Service (nearest stops along Stevens Avenue)- Route 2 - Forest Avenue (nearest stops on Forest avenue, short walk from campus)
Bus passes available through UNE Student Affairs office.


Maine College of Art (MECA) -- All METRO routes have bus stops within walking distance of MECA.

Kaplan University
- Route 5 - Maine Mall/Outer Congress Street (nearest stop on Foden Rd.)
- South Portland Bus Service also available


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